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“Trump’s like Muhammad Ali. Shook up the world.”


“How do they spend millions of dollars on President Street improvements and not fix the terribly bumpy railroad crossing?”


“Enough is enough about Tony Thomas. He is the only one at the city that cares anything about the normal poor people and the elderly. Can’t someone ever print something good, as much as he does for the elderly?”


“I'd like to say job well done to the city workers, whoever’s idea it was to clean the moss out of the crepe myrtles on the island on Abercorn Street in front of Savannah Mall and in front of Oglethorpe Mall. Job well done. I've been wanting to see this for years, and it looks great. Thank you.”


“Trump is mentally disturbed and incompetent. He is going to self-destruct and may take the United States with him.”


“I don't hear any bleeding hearts crying for my children, who, being the kids of a U.S. Army officer for nearly 30 years, were separated from their dad for years at a time while he served the U.S. all over the globe.”


“Prayer is allowed in schools; people pray in schools daily. Those prayers are silent and personal. If you require group prayer and a specific non-secular leader, then you should be in a church, not a school.”