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“I used to be a faithful recycler … You can't recycle glass, you can’t recycle aluminum foil and can't recycle plastic bags. I'm rethinking this. What's the point?”


“We will fill the open spaces with fast-food choices, convenience stores and they will come in droves and masses to slurp up the stew of conspicuous consumption.”


“Here’s a novel idea for the city leaders: Pay for essential services for the taxpayers, such as fire and police protection, first and then allocate remaining available funds to other required programs to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the taxpayers.”


“We moved out of Savannah thinking that schools in the country were better, people were friendly, and life was better in the country. It turns out the schools in Savannah were better, people were nicer in Savannah, and life was better.”


“Mark Streeter can't make his mind up about Trump. He makes fun of him when he's at odds with North Korea, and he makes fun of him when he signs a treaty with North Korea.”


“George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must be turning over in their graves that the current president of our wonderful country is making friends of our enemies and enemies of our friends.”


“Where have the ducks gone that were on Pine Barren Road [near] Pooler Parkway? I miss them.”


“Robert De Niro is getting the attention he craves with his malicious vulgarity and disrespect toward President Trump. De Niro gets paid to be fake but Trump gets no pay for being a great president. He's the real deal.”


“We are just beginning to feel the pinch from city and state taxes now that federal tax dollars have been squandered. Thanks, Trump.”


“I love Eddie DeLoach. He's the best thing that's happened to this town since Floyd Adams and Curtis Cooper.”


“Our family thinks Mark Streeter is a brilliant cartoonist. Whoever the person is that is always after him and criticizes him should take an IQ test.”