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“When voting, why do we have to declare Republican, Democrat or Independent? I want to vote for the person or persons I feel would do the best job, regardless of their political affiliation.”


“Please do not generalize about newspaper delivery in Windsor Forest. I live in Windsor Forest and my paper is delivered extremely early every day. Also, if there's the slightest chance of rain, my paper is always bagged. We have an excellent paper delivery person.”


“We all wonder why the city is in such a financial bad state. Here's another prime example: $8 million for a company to design the arena. Just to design it. It does not cover any of the construction.”


“Please, please someone tell me how to get rid of bed bugs.”


“Once again the Girl Scouts want to rearrange the Low house. Why can't they realize that this is a historic home and museum? The inside nor the outside needs any changes. Only upkeep and preservation, no modernization.”


“I pray that Jesus will part the waters and bring these Thai boys to safety on dry ground.”