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“If each of the people so concerned about the plight of refugees nationally and internationally would sponsor an incoming family, guarantee them a place to live, food and a good job, then we'd be well on our way to solving the problem. Sponsor a family instead of just marching up and down screaming and hollering.”


“I wonder how many American presidents have been bankrupt four times?”


“Tom Barton in his guest column brought up a good point recently and that is with recent tax increases in consideration of a fire fee, why does a very lucrative institution like SCAD manage to not contribute to city taxes? I believe the time for them to be immune from that is long past.”


“Can anything be done to improve the PINES library system?”


“This is in response to the person who commented about the hunt for the police chief and why not use local candidates: Well, we tried that once and look what happened.”


“I can believe politicians are lying that there is no collusion, even when the proof shows up. I am still surprised there are so many ignorant people believing the lies. Guess you all need flea collars.”