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“This is for all the people that have complained about Chatham County and the city of Savannah and all the costs that they've raised to their residents: Be like me; get out. Good riddance, Chatham County.”


“There is nothing so mean and hateful as the strong, healthy and wealthy person who attacks the weak, poor and downtrodden, like a pack of dogs will turn on one of its own that is hurt. Please don't call yourself a Christian.”


“Mark Streeter is a better human being and American citizen than those people who don't like him.”


“We can only hope that because drivers are no longer allowed to hold their cell phones while driving, that freed-up hand might actually be used to operate their turn signals!”


“The city was willing to cancel the River Street Fourth of July fireworks if the local community didn’t come up with the money. There wouldn’t have been fireworks this year to celebrate America! Thanks to those that saved the day. The city canceled the Tara Feis festival for St. Patrick’s Day, too. Savannah must be really broke. What is next?”


“I hope the Savannah Morning News has good health insurance, because Mark Streeter is going to cost that health insurance company a lot of money in his treatment for Trump derangement syndrome. Geez, dude, give it a break. You are obsessed and he will be president for another six years. You have a long time to go.”


“Be careful what you ask for. I asked for just a trim and she gave me a haircut that will last all summer.”


“Thank you to Rob Hernandez for at least trying to move on and leave Savannah. Let's hope that he's very successful in that and then we can finally get rid of him and as highfalutin ideas.”


“Before making statements you might investigate where most of Harley-Davidson’s clothes, parts and novelties are made. I believe it's in China.”


“What is the main number for your newspaper, please?” (Editor’s note: Call 912-236-0271 with delivery or billing questions. Call 912-236-9511 for other departments. Find more specific contact information at savannahnow.com/contact.)