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“CNN needs to be ashamed at themselves.”


“Can somebody please tell me why it takes three weeks from the day my water meter is read before it posts online?”


“I, probably like most Savannahians, could not care less about South Carolina politics. If Hilton Head is so ritzy, why they can’t have their own TV station so that they can get their return on election days?”


“You kidding me? You are caught lying to federal prosecutors and you want to cry foul? I guess we can reinstate President Clinton.”


“It’s time for a new city manager for the city of Savannah before Savannah goes bankrupt or is bankrupted.”


“After the president of the United States announces his choice for the Supreme Court, it would just be so nice to hear one Democrat say, ‘That's a good choice. I think you did a good job. Thank you, Mr. President.’”


“Even Russia has universal health care! Since 1996, in fact.”

“Streeter makes fun of Trump with a signed treaty with Korea because it is a joke.”