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“To all you Trump haters out there: Trump did not bring these illegal children across our border and separate them.”


“Has it ever occurred to paper carriers to fold papers from the bottom instead of from the top front page? Then when we read our paper, the sheets don't fall forward into our faces. Such a simple solution.”


“Has anybody heard of any local restaurants that serve a grilled shrimp salad that has a tail on the grilled shrimp? Totally ridiculous.”


“I find it interesting that Trump supporters are so desperate to steal Mark Streeter’s free speech, but it's all of speech, I suppose, with Trump. He hates the press and he hates the truth and Mark Streeter expresses both quite well.”


“Yes, you’re right; Van [Johnson] should not be on the city council. He should be the mayor. He knows what leadership is all about.”


“As witnessed all week on Abercorn and the Truman, Savannah residents will thumb their noses at the new hands-free law just as they do for red lights, speed limits, and littering laws.”