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“To the person that wrote in about all the TV commercials: Do like I do; when the first commercial starts, I put it on mute.”


“This is a response to a question in [July 5’s] Vox Populi. I am from New Orleans and I've never found any place in Savannah that has really good shrimp creole. I hope if somebody has it, they will let us know.”


“To the person who got their newspaper wet: Put up a paper box and you won't have any more troubles.”


“Hey, Tybee Island officials: Lot of bicycles being rented, lot of kayaks being rented. If there was a fee for those two items, you could probably reduce the taxes on Tybee. Let's give the citizens the break. Tax those people that use our waterways and streets for free.”


“Donald Trump has never tried to be a Christian, although he has made stabs at being a dictator, a zookeeper and a circus racketeer.”


“Mayor DeLoach will need to do more than reduce that fire fee to get reelected.”