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“Watching Trump’s bent on Mexico reminds one of Archie Bunker.”


“Shabazz, Thomas and Johnson are the only ones watching out for you.”


“If you need to send an international package, go to the UPS Store on Abercorn near Lucky’s. They were so helpful, reasonable, quick, efficient, professional, friendly.”


“I’d just like to say what a pleasure it's been this week to be able to read the paper and not having Mark Streeter downing the president.”


“For the person looking for bean sprouts, you can find them at any Asian market in town.”


“I noticed that the county budget has devoted $100,000 for a new a resource center. Could someone explain to the taxpayers exactly what the resource center does?”


“I think we're headed toward another civil war. It looks like the Democrats and the Republicans hate each other so bad, they may be going to war with each other. I don't know why Democrats won’t leave Trump alone and let him do his thing. He’s doing a good job.”


“One thing I have learned from my short time on Earth: It's never a good idea to run away from police.”


“The unincorporated area needs a fourth representative.”


“Young people who can remember to unload their phone or tablet from the cars, but not their children, have no business having or raising any children.”