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“Don't take recess away from these kids. They need some time away from classroom; time to interact with other kids, too. A lot of kids already dislike school and this will only further their dislike.”


“I suppose there's really no need to love or hate Trump that much, though his objectionable style of politics is blazingly obvious. He merely precedes all the presidents to come who will say anything to get elected, maintain the wars, change nothing and keep America a safe haven for the filthy rich.”


“Thanks to the county for repaving Whitfield Avenue. Now can you put in a sidewalk to keep the morons off of the middle of the street, please?”


“I am so happy to see Streeter return from vacation. Finally worth opening the paper again.”


“To the caller who is looking to get rid of fruit flies: You can get traps at Lowe's. Good luck.”


“I agree the migrant families should not be separated, just make sure that all the parents and all the children in each individual family are reunited back in their country of origin.”


“We had a wonderful experience yesterday, my wife and I. On our way to LabCorp, we both fell and could not get up like a turtle on their back. Wonderful people came out and lifted us up, tended to our wounds. So kind; unbelievable. Thank you very much to all those people who helped.”


“Evangelicals are selling their souls for tax cuts for the wealthy and Supreme Court justices.”


“The world has officially gone to hell in a hand basket. Went for a walk on the beach and someone drew pornographic graffiti and wrote curse words all over the beach. What kind of world do we live in?”


“The statistics that compare crime from this year to last year is very misleading because last year’s statistics included the city and the county, whereas this year's statistics only included the city.” (Editor's note: The story from July 1 compared city numbers to city numbers. County numbers were examined July 8. Read those stories at savannahnow.com.)