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“I am in favor of medical marijuana as long as it is sold by doctor's prescription and through pharmacies.”


 “I think what is being done to the conservative people and conservative news media is ridiculous. Conservative people have the right to have their free speech and I blame the Democratic Party for this. It is shameful.”


“The Marian Circle customers on July 16 want to thank Georgia Power employees for a job well done. Thank you so much.”


“On Sunday before the Helsinki Summit, Trump tweeted that the U.S. is stupid. He's right; we elected him president.”


“A salute to those responsible for placing the large American flag at the intersection of the Truman Parkway and Abercorn. Very patriotic.”


“How many people actually remember when interest rates on CDs were in the upper teens?”


“I was watching the beginning of the All-Star game last night. I noticed not one baseball player was kneeling. That's a tribute to the sport and an absolute tribute to the players.”


“It won’t be very long now before the city manager proposes a veterinarian fee.”