Readers, prepare to embrace a three-day full immersion event focused on interacting with authors and reading. Literary Love Savannah is hosting over 40 authors with a wide range of genres. Tickets are sold out for the three-day experience, but the good news is that the there is a free author signing from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Stella Price, author and founder of LLS, said they came up with this smaller event after they ended the Authors After Dark after eight years.

“As the industry started changing, we figured we didn’t need a big event,” she said, “so we made it a little smaller, a little more intimate. Oddly, we are making it bigger for next year since two of the biggest in our industry closed down this year.”

Price is a published author, with over 45 titles to her name. She worked with traditional publishing when she started over 10 years ago, but turned to indie publishing. “I have been published traditionally and it sucked. Now I’m happy to say I’m indie published, and loving it. I write paranormal romance, with weird species like hellhounds, Satyrs, weresnakes, octopus shifters and more.”

Price says she loves the freedom of writing. “I love that I can tell the stories I want to tell, and thankfully people want to read them.”

Among the authors are New York Times and USA Today best sellers, such as Alanea Alder, Melanie Marchande, Milly Taiden, ad others. Price said she loves bringing the authors together. Besides romance authors, there will be young adult, new adult, horror, suspense and more.

Activities include movie night, a costumed ball themed as a dark carnival, and panels, small parties, off-sites, and Hogwarts Day.

Price said while the event hosts authors, it is all about the reader. She said the connection is the best part.

“Without readers, we are screaming into empty rooms, the world we create dying from neglect,” she said. “Readers give our worlds a reason to exist, because they get to experience them with us. These events give me the opportunity to talk with readers that might not have picked my work up on their own, and they still might not after the event, but connecting with someone else that has the same loves as you is a blessed thing.”

Price offers advice to any aspiring authors.

“Honestly, it’s hard. Ninety percent of the authors out there won’t make it and will quit. Some are in it for the wrong reasons and quit when those reasons don’t come to fruition. So I tell people, if you understand writing, understand that writing is an art, then do it, but do it for you, not for the money you think you will make or the people you plan to impress. Writing is a very personal thing, or it should be, and writing for any other reason than for the love of it is not the way to keep a career going. Remember many write for the love, but sustaining a career around that love takes hard work and dedication past the writing portion of the career. Most can’t hack it. So if you want to write, write, publish it yourself ... If you want a career, be ready to work for the longevity."

Although it is too late to register for the full event, LLS opens 2019’s registration Aug. 15. Be advised, the convention is adult themed and not suitable for young children. Kids 13 and older are permitted to attend with a parent or guardian.