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“You could hang half this country up with one simple question: Which do you worship more, your money or your dog?”


“Come on, Savannah, finish numbering the parking spots in all of downtown Savannah so I can use my parking app everywhere I go.”


“Oh dear, that so-called Cultural Arts Center looks more like an industrial bomb shelter.”


“Would someone please check the clock on City Hall and set the time straight?”


“Question: How do you get to be the United States of America commander-in-chief of our military without enlisting for combat? Answer: Be elected president.”


“Why is it the commercials with children in them aren't ridiculously stupid but the one with adults in them are?”


“After being married to a clean-shaven man for 49 years, I ask him to shave only once a week. I love it; so does he. It's never too late to try something different.”


“Change the name of Vox Populi to same old, same old, been there, done that. Does anyone have anything new and interesting to say?”