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“Folks, I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but we're down to only one honest politician in America: Bernie Sanders, of course.”


“Well, if you're a native Savannahian and you join the Savannah Police Department with thoughts that you might someday rise to the rank of chief, forget it. We only hire our police chiefs from other places, and we allow a man who's leaving to select them. What a city.”


“The Democrats are out protesting against ICE and want to do away with it. That's sent a message to me that they're not interested in any law and order in this country.”


“The immigration problem is terrible, no doubt. I think all of the people who are protesting should each take a family home with them, house, feed and be responsible for them. If they are that committed, do something about it.”


“How frightening it is to think the president loves tariff trade wars, which satisfy his ego, and overlooks the harm it does to our farmers and our economy.”