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“Stop calling us senior citizens for money. Where's your dignity? Stop it.”


“With the 13.5 percent tax increase by the school board, I guess everyone should vote down ESPLOST next time around so we can pay our taxes. I never would have believed I would have said that.”


“The only thing left for Trump to do is murder someone in the middle of Times Square.”


“I thoroughly enjoy reading the Savannah Morning News each morning, when I get it. My area of Windsor Forest, without a doubt, has the worst carrier in the system. I don't understand why, if you are getting paid for doing a job, you are not doing it. I hope someone corrects the problem, and soon!”


“Democrats are not responsible for anything in this administration. They are totally powerless because of the numbers. Do you know how to count?”


“It takes more than an IQ (intelligence quotient) to make a genius? Are you trying to suggest that IQ45 is a genius for using children as his pawns?”


“For Mark Streeter, two things: One, this is America; we speak English. Number two, it’s time for him to take a permanent vacation.”


“After what President Trump did today with Mr. Putin, we shouldn't let him back in the country. He's going to have to camouflage Air Force One to get back in.”