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“Savannah would not need to increase any taxes at all if they just installed red light cameras.”

“Sen. Susan Collins is just another Bernie Sanders wearing a dress.”


“That sound you hear at the southern border of children crying and calling for their mothers started in 1997, when Bill Clinton signed a bill passed by Congress. Continued through Bush and Obama and now you only hear when Trump is president. Talk about selective hearing.”


“When I see pictures of President Trump's face, all I can think is Russia and Putin are laughing at us at our lost secrets, laughing at our lost power, laughing at our lost status. It makes me very upset, nervous and concerned about our government and our future as a country.”


“I'd like to know why Bill Cosby’s shows are still on when he was declared guilty. Something should be done.”

“Well, Trump sure threw the USA under the bus at his meeting with Putin. Why doesn't Trump just go to Russia and be Putin's vice president? They make a wonderful pair.”