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“I run every day at Lake Meyer very early, and I see a lot of rats. And I just wondered if they cause diseases, and who should I call about them?”


“Praise the Lord, the city of Savannah might be getting a new city manager.”


“A facetious answer to the person who wants to upgrade Mount Vernon and Monticello with elevators and updating bathrooms: Sure, I'd agree, but wouldn't it be easier to move these historical homes to Disneyland, making it easier for everybody to see?”


“I think President Trump must be Russian because he sure does love Vladimir Putin.”


“Do the people calling for the abolishment of ICE lock their doors? Shouldn’t they have a 24-hour open house policy so anyone can enter?”


“Wow, comparing the sacrifices that we military families make to protect this country to children being snatched from their mother's arms at the border? That is incredibly pathetic and totally unpatriotic. It really needs to be rethought. Wow.”


“Short-term rentals are not only happening on Washington Avenue; they’re also happening at some HOAs. The property owners are not following the rules of the city of Savannah.”