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"'Saturday Night Live’ the TV show — it's not funny anymore.”


“Because Donald Trump has created a larger swamp than before, I suggest we call him ‘Okefenokee Don,’ as he loves to give nicknames to people.”


“My husband has had a beard the whole 30 years I've known him and it looks great! I don't understand people that talk about them being nasty and saying such bad things about them. My husband washes his every day and there's not a thing nasty about it!”


“Wow, what a miracle. Demetris Robertson has finally made a good decision!”


“The raving idiot can dish it out, but he can't take it.”


“Hey, candidates, instead of telling us why your opponent’s a scoundrel, how about telling us why you're not?”


“The rabbi wanting to rent his house out to vacationers on Washington Avenue said he was allowed to because of his faith. What, for the love of money?”


“Hey y’all, I get 30 channels for free on my TV now, so why in the world do you need cable or satellite dishes? Isn’t 30 channels enough?”