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“People in Savannah: When it's raining, please slow down and turn on your lights.”

“I have a great suggestion: Since the city is having so much funding problems, why don't they just up the sales tax and it would cover everybody, not just the poor property owners that are giving out? Please, please, please give us some help.”


“Why do both political parties ignore the cost to taxpayers for allowing hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals into our country without consequences? And in the same breath talk about cutting our programs and raising taxes?”


“I'm watching this Trump hearing and the Democrats are doing their darnedest to obstruct and disrupt the hearings. They must be afraid of what agent Trump might say.”


“Trump has insulted everyone but his sycophants and Russia. His real motto is make America hate again.”


“So the city is going to have a beautiful Cultural Arts Center it has no money to operate. Thanks to SPLOST, it was built on taxes collected on food and medicine from our poorest members of our community, who will never darken the door of that center.”


“During one of the presidential debates, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump Putin’s puppet. He got real irritated. After his recent meeting with Putin, while both were on TV, you could almost see Putin pulling the strings.”


“You liberal Democrats need to get over it. Donald Trump is our president. He was elected properly; there's nothing you can do about it.”


“Do these Republican candidates running for pertinent positions in our state have any idea how immature and ridiculous their television commercials make them look? This is a frightening election!”


“Heartbroken children over not getting a Teddy bear for $3, $4, $5, $6, where there are heartbroken children not being with their parents. Compare this; what is going on?”


“Thank you to Joe, who paid our tab for dinner Sunday evening [July 15] at Outback. You're extremely kind and generous. From a most very grateful Korean veteran.”