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“The young lady down at Vinnie Van Go-Go's is my ‘shero.’ She will not be walking around later in life talking about ‘me too.’ That's how you handle a man that gets out of line. Kudos to her.” [Editor's note: Read the full story at savannahnow.com.]


“Marsh Point School on Whitemarsh Island will receive students on Monday [Aug. 6]. Amazing. Hardly a mention in the local news coverage of the dedicated teachers who were in the building at the time the tornado struck on Friday [July 27]. They were there ready in their classrooms for the new term. While 13 of the classrooms received damage, fortunately all teachers escaped injury.”


“The crossword by Timothy Parker last Saturday, July 28, was absolutely horrible. Now I know what people are complaining about. Please go back to your original contributor, whoever it was.”


“Today's paper, July 30, the cartoon in ‘Close to Home’ is totally unacceptable. Shame on you.”


“Two inches of rain, Victory Drive and half of Savannah is flooded. Come on, guys. Let's get the infrastructure fixed. It's been a long time since you've done any work.”