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“The name of that Bravo show ought to be ‘Southern Charm Savannah Alcoholics.’”


“I want to know, where did the person get 30 channels for free? God knows I want to know that; please, please, please tell me.”


“Apparently ‘Hope and Change’ has become ‘Nope and Deranged.’”


“We live in a free country; play any golf course that you want to.”


“Is CAT a sacred cow? It certainly is not a nonprofit, with a Paula Deen salary.”


“I'm so glad intelligence is not a requirement for being a Christian. God designed salvation to be so simple that even a Vox Populi editor can obtain it. No intelligence required, just faith.”


“To the person who stole my flip-flops off the beach on Tybee on Saturday, July 28: First of all, you're rude and you're a very bad person. Secondly, I hope you enjoy the athlete's foot that I gave you after stealing my flip-flops. Have a nice day.”


“How can I apply for the job of proofreader at Savannah Morning News? I observe that there's a vacancy.”