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“As for the reference in Vox about the filthy rich: I'm not rich but God did love everybody the same, rich or poor.”


“Jane Fishman's article on sleeplessness was hilarious. I laughed the whole time I was reading it. Thank you, Jane.”


“It never fails. Every time there is a rainstorm or the wind blows on Wilmington Island, the power goes out. Come on, Georgia Power, you can do a lot better than that; it's 2018.”


“I have never seen a group more incapable of admitting error than Republicans. They are ethically wrong, they are morally wrong and they are legally wrong. Denial does not make you right.”


“I agree with Anne Hart, and somebody needs to get this message to morning TV. If the women on it aren’t drinking alcohol, they're talking about wine. All the morning shows; they need to stop that.”


“Are any of the people who think that President Trump is not doing a good job doing anything in their life by way of community service or political office, or are they just gripers? If you don't do anything, don't say anything.”


“If Mark Murphy didn't keep his patients waiting so long, he wouldn't have to apologize, or need a television in his waiting room.”


“I happen to think President Trump is guilty on all fronts with his dealings with the Russians before the elections. I was a Republican for the last 55 years. But as of right now, those days are over.”


“Kudos to Adam Van Brimmer, our new editorial page editor. I look forward each day to reading the opinion page of our paper. Keep up the good work.”


“When I see someone drop a piece of litter, I say in a sweet, concerned voice, ‘Excuse me, you dropped something.’ It's confusing, embarrassing, and, hopefully, educational.”


“Donald Trump is the closest thing we've had to Ronald Reagan since he was here.”