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“I read with interest Polly Stramm’s recent piece in the paper about the older woman confronting a litterbug on Victory. I think the video and the woman's actions after the video say at all. Trashy person, trashy behavior. Our city is not your trash can.”


“This is not really the voice of the people because you aren't printing anything good about Trump.”


“Cry me a river for the tariffs on the pecan farmers. If they didn't sell their pecans to China, we wouldn't have the outrageously high prices in America. I think the tariffs are a very good thing.”


“Am I the only one to notice that President Donald ‘Chamberlain’ Trump offers a palm-up, submissive handshake to every world dictator he meets? A weak President that, in his body language, appears to have plans to appease Putin with a giveaway of the Crimea.”


“During the Strzok hearing, the Democrats acted like adolescents. Were they trying to protect Strzok? I thought it was very immature and really, I thought it was shameful for our Congress to be acting in such a manner.”