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“Have you noticed how some people use the word strong to describe the word violent?”


“For the person who called in criticizing the 30-year service Army officer, saying you chose that profession while all along praising illegal immigrants at the border: Please call in again and tell the world what you have done for our country. We're all waiting to hear.”


“It is truly sad, pathetic and very scary to think that we have a president who believes the thug president of Russia over his own intelligence services. We're in deep trouble.”


“It's bad enough that we get junk mail in our mailbox and robocalls on our home phone. But does Buddy Carter have to do it? I thought he took an oath to serve, not to aggravate. Please have him stop.”


“Haven't heard much lately about that family of goats that the city hired to eat the grass. I sure could use them in my yard after all this rain we've been having.”


“Democrats: Get over the last election. You chose the wrong candidate to represent you.”