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“Does anyone know if we still have a property maintenance department? Who's running this city, Larry, Curly and Moe?”


“I’d like to know how I can get 30 stations on my TV without a cable bill every month. Thank you very much. I'll be looking for the answer.”


“I'm glad to hear that your husband washes his beard every day, but that beard still has more germs in it than that nasty old germ-ridden sponge that sits on your kitchen sink.”


“Does anyone know where I can buy fresh seaweed? I'd like to make seaweed salad at home and would love recommendations. Thank you.”


“I want to know why the restaurants in Savannah are so cold. I wear a sweater, but I'm still cold. They serve my food hot but in about two minutes after I get it, it's so cold. Anybody else have this problem?”


“If the road repair [workers] on West Bay Street had another shovel, they could work twice as fast and maybe complete this project within the next 10 years.”