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“When we are ready to hire the next city manager, I hope he does his homework first. He needs to realize he is entering a disaster zone.”


“Republicans are incapable of admitting Russian interference with the election because they then would have to deal with an illegal presidency.”


“To the person who thinks that all our ancestors came to the U.S. illegally: The first immigration laws were not passed until the mid- to late 1800s. Any time before that there was no law. Without a law you can't be illegal.”


“Why should we get upset or expect anything different from Mark Streeter? He's only just as biased as all Democrats are.”


“The columnist Leonard Pitts: Newspapers should be ashamed letting him run his column. He’s just always trying to stir up problems if you read it. Leonard Pitts is the Pitts.”


“Yes, to the person who wrote in the newspaper about if your paper got wet to put up a box: Well, my mom's 93 years old, and she has a paper box and they are still throwing it in a ditch.”