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“If the president doesn't soon start agreeing with his cabinet, he needs to go.”


“I can explain easily the difference between the Berlin wall, the wall in Israel and the wall Trump wants to build. The wall Trump wants to build and the wall in Israel are built to keep people out; the Berlin wall was built to keep people in.”


“I got a new phone and a new Bluetooth. Is it possible that the technology isn’t up to date for everybody using this hands-free stuff? Because mine doesn't seem to be working very well at times.”


“Yes, President Trump is doing a great job if his goal was to cozy up to autocrats, alienate us from our allies and cause general chaos in our government. He's doing a great job.”


“Always had a very patriotic feeling when driving past the Tybee road flag on the tree trunk. Now somebody has come along and put lots of smaller flags on the tree trunk and in the grass and it's just devalued the feeling. Actually, it's a little tacky. More is not better.”