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“You can learn a lot about a man by looking at the people he hires.”


“If a ‘guaranteed income’ ever happens, it should be a requirement that in order to receive it, and if you are mentally and physically able, you would be required to work 40 hours a week for the local or state government doing whatever you are assigned. Welfare and food stamps would be only for those not able to work.”


“I bought a small antenna from Walmart for $130 that sits on top of the TV cabinet. I get 26 channels for free and it's great for when the cable is out.”


“To the person who admonished complainers who don’t contribute: I donate hours to both the community and to political organizations. Since I’ve earned my right, let me just say, President Trump is a liar, a cheat and an enemy of the people.”


“If you’re a patriotic American and buying anything Nike, you’re an idiot. I will never buy Nike again and never watch the NFL again.”