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“Is the patriotic Nine Line company selling or giving away those ‘Just Stand’ T-shirts?” (Editor’s note: The shirts were sold for $25.99 each.)


“I do believe that John McCain was a great patriot, but we have had many men in America through the years who were great patriots. I believe McCain's funeral scenario has been political in nature. Enough is enough.”


“This is in response to Charles Hudson's letter to the editor in the Friday morning paper [Sept. 7]. Whether you trust God or whether you don't, the only thing that is absolutely for sure is the only thing that you can't do without God is sin.”


“Obama shouldn't be in the newspaper blasting President Trump; he had his chance. Let Trump do his job without a past president interfering. Bush didn't blast Obama.”


“Sept. 11, 2001: Why did you not at least acknowledge our nation’s great loss on that day 17 years ago? I looked through the whole paper and found no mention of our nation’s loss and the war that it precipitated; very sad.”