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“I think Serena Williams is a disgrace to the sporting people in the United States. That is the worst example I've seen for a long time. She was getting beat and she couldn't take it and went off the deep end.”


“How long will it be before the proper authorities take action on the boats illegally anchored in Turner's Creek?”


“Whoever voted for Donald Trump and Buddy Carter ought to have their heads examined.”


“Our country honored the many services of Sen. John McCain, yet he only had a 20 percent approval rating with his fellow Arizona Republicans. Go figure.”


“One question: Did Russia influence your vote for president?”


“Donald Trump called Omarosa a low-life but he's the poster child for low-life, and he's getting lower day by day. Can’t you see it?”


“Is that true that if we have a mandatory evacuation, and we do not leave, that our insurance company will not respond to a claim?”


“Where is the remembrance for 9/11, one of the worst occurrences in our country lately? I'm surprised you didn't remember it.”