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“All one-way streets should be named after Mark Streeter. He is so one-way, it’s irritating.”


“It's interesting that we don't have enough money in the school system budget to finance hardening security and yet we're planning on building three football stadiums that may exceed $20 million in total cost.”


“Wow, we certainly appreciate all of the weather forecasters reporting on the hurricanes. It never ceases to amaze me, the stupidity of them standing out in the heavy winds when everyone preaches to get out of it to avoid flying debris. They keep going out into the deep water and into the wind.”


“The great human rights activist who refuses to stand for the American flag is now being supported by a company that uses children in sweatshop labor. What a joke.”


“Haven't seen our new police chief lately. Did they have to go back to the police academy to get the proper credentials? This can only happen in Savannah.”


“The yea vote on the new arena is yet another indication that this city is run by imbeciles.”


“May I remind you that Hillary Clinton is not in office and hasn't been for quite a while? Her last job was Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton is not in office.”


“The person referring to Mark Streeter as comrade must have forgotten that it's your man Comrade Trump that's cozied up to the Kremlin.”


“If the SMN wants to have any semblance of fairness, it needs to hire a conservative political cartoonist and have him alternate with Mark Streeter. I doubt you will publish this, much less do it.”


“Your letters to the editor section should be divided into two sections. It should be letters to the editor from idiots and letters to the editor from intelligent people. I cringe when I read some of the stupidity people write."


“The Pledge of Allegiance to our flag was created in 1892. So there were many revisions over the years; it never changed to pledge allegiance to our president, and that includes no pledge of allegiance to Donald Trump.”