This is one of the busiest weekends since spring for Savannah’s live music scene.

The Savannah Jazz Festival and Statts Fest, both of which you can read about here in Do, are annual community gatherings that feature great music. If Savannah’s divisions and divisiveness are getting you down, you should attend events like those for a clearer sense of some of the city’s finest qualities.

But those aren’t the only upcoming performances worthy of support.

The Jinx hosts You Vandal, Kid You Not and The Ramages on Sept. 28, the night before Statts Fest.


You Vandal from Gainesville, Fla., plays an upbeat pop-punk that should find a lot of fans in Savannah. The foursome’s 2017 album “I Just Want to Go Back to Hell” is filled with catchy, high-energy songs.

St. Augustine’s Kid You Not also has a melodic punk sound. The band’s new album “Home Again” will be released in October on Deep Elm Records (digital) and Bypolar Records (vinyl).

The Ramages are an entertaining, up-and-coming Savannah-based band with a self-described “unpop punk” sound.

El-Rocko Lounge also has three interesting bands performing Sept. 28: Dot.s, The Sun Machine and Small Talk.


Atlanta’s Dot.s’ most recent release is the 12-minute, danceable techno-pop song “Down Goes the Elephant.” The band’s wry description of the track refers to it as a “pretentiously long and operatic piece,” though I can’t help but appreciate the many layers and the bold artistic choices.

As the band’s name would indicate (at least to David Bowie lovers), The Sun Machine from Austin has a rock sound reminiscent of an earlier era, but the band’s modern take on psych rock still feels vital.

Beyond this weekend, the local scene will remain busy through much of the fall.

For lovers of offbeat metal and of stage theatrics, I especially recommend the relentless Captured! By Robots on Oct. 6 at The Jinx. Yes, most of the musicians are robots, and the spectacle feels at times like performance art. Advance tickets ($10) are now on sale at 

Read next week’s Do for more news on upcoming shows.

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