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“Why haven't we seen the new Miss America on television or in the paper?”


“Kudos to the caller that was referencing Ms. Shabazz; that demonstrates rare wit in Vox Populi.”


“Walmart shopping carts are everywhere; now they’re even in ponds nearby in Pooler.”


“Come on TV people, enough is enough for the commercials. You play them so much and so often; even for something you wanted, you won’t buy it after all that.”


“I think most people would agree that you folks sounds so much better than you guys.”


“I'd like to apologize to the lady for an unfortunate event the other day in the grocery store. My support python ate her support rat in aisle three.”


“Publishing every grotesque, unqualified proclamation that lands at your doorstep is lazy and nihilistic. I've made a habit of ignoring this space and I think every reader should do the same if they want to improve their mental health.”


“All disgruntled Catholics need to join us Methodists.”