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“Enough patching potholes on Johnny Mercer Boulevard. It needs to be resurfaced from Walthour to the Turner Creek Bridge. It's been over 40 years, and I know they haven't touched it.”


“Wonderful, Trump is giving billions to farmers’ welfare to pay for his trade war and guess who pays for his insanity? We do, from our tax dollars.”


“Nice job, NBC; way to support your troops and the American flag. Sold out to Nike.”


“Fearless prediction: A week or so before the election, Trump will announce that talks will be back on track with North Korea, a few weeks after the election, they will collapse and be called off again.”


“As a businessman, when employees leave (particularly research and development projects), I would not want them to have lifetime access to new innovations. I think the president is doing the same thing.”


“Let's hope the new city zoning ordinance has a provision against exceptions and variances. That's the whole point of having zonings, but it seems like every time you turn around, they give an advance for somebody or exceptions, so why have it?”


“How can the city of Tybee city manager say they're getting a gambling boat? … There's no way this boat is going to pass inspection.”