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“If the White House starts doing lie detector tests, can they start with Trump?”


“In regard to successful socialism: Cuba, no innovation, cars from the 1950s, dictatorship and political prisons. Denmark, tiny country, insular, little population diversity and high taxes. France, lovely country, low levels of entrepreneurship, high taxes and little cutting-edge innovation. Next.”


“I predict with the performance of Savannah's past mayors and the current mayor and city council and their horrible incompetence, that the city of Savannah will become the San Francisco of Georgia within 10 years.”


“I'd rather read two or three intelligent comments than all the stupid, low-intelligence comments you print.”


“There was a time when the Coast Guard would give boaters a radio check on channel 16. They don't do that anymore. Such a simple thing. Seems like a safety issue. How much trouble can it really be? They need to start doing that again.”


“If Chatham County got $5 million from a tax on fire insurance premiums but the only fire service in unincorporated Chatham County got zero, what did Chatham County do with the $5 million?”