UPDATE Oct. 9: All of the Starland Dairy shows have been moved to The Wormhole Bar.


Punk Mess is contained chaos, down and dirty rock ’n’ roll in its rawest form.

The third iteration of the multi-day punk-rock festival, the only of its kind in the city, has expanded in size, with over 30 bands spread out evenly over three days. It’s also moved locations.

Typically staged in bars and clubs, Punk Mess 3 will take place entirely in the Starland District (properly, the Thomas Square Streetcar Neighborhood) and will be, for the first time, a completely all-ages event, mirroring in kind the house show aesthetic of Savannah’s punk history.

“I feel the bar shows weren’t attracting a new crowd,” Punk Mess organizer and head jerk Joshua Sterno said. “No one our age gives a [expletive] about going to shows. To create a scene, you have to get them while they’re young.”

Thursday’s opening salvo will be in the Starland Dairy, a.k.a. The Dairy, and will feature a mostly local lineup, starting at 7 p.m.

Friday starts at Sulfur Studios at 7 p.m. with a packed schedule of touring acts.

Most of the bands at this year’s Punk Mess are from the south, by design. “It’s mainly southeastern bands,” Sterno said. “That was the goal, to showcase the southeastern punk bands.”

Friday, around 8 p.m., the fest will split between shows at Sulfur and Graveface Records & Curiosities. Punk Mess alums Tight Genes (Orlando, Fla.) and Bloomington, Ind.’s Skull Cut will play at Graveface while the rest of Friday’s lineup plays Sulfur. With 10 bands on Friday’s bill, the timing could be off, so expect to be walking back and forth between Sulfur and Graveface.

Saturday starts at 1 p.m. back in The Dairy with local Skippy Spiral kicking off the final day. An onslaught of six touring acts, with Savannah’s Rude and the Creek Freaks ending the night, will play The Dairy. There will be shows at Graveface and Sulfur around 8, just like on Friday. Columbia, S.C.’s Oakskin is set to play Graveface that evening. The new project from Kylesa and Damad frontman Phillip Cope, Savannah’s godfather of metal, is making their Savannah debut.

Saturday night’s closing ceremonies will be at Sulfur Studios, with six touring acts and a reunion of local punks Feeding Tube opening the set around 7 p.m. or so. There might also be a food truck at some point.

Here’s a look at the lineup, which might change, with as many embedded tunes as we could dig up on the interweb of connectivity:



The Wormhole, 7 p.m.

Tommy Techno (Savannah | electronic)

Butts (Savannah | punk)


Shouldies (Atlanta | synth punk)


Zaat (Greensboro, North Carolina | punk)


Valley Gals (Savannah | garage/punk)


Raine Raine (Savannah | angry agender trans person on loop)




Sulfur Studios, 7 p.m.

The Ramages (Savannah | un-pop punk)

Chronophage (Austin, Tex. | punk)


Bursters (Athens | hardcore)


Kneeler (Athens) [Author’s note: This band has no internet presence. They must be very punk.]

Eskizo (Macon | d-beat)


Apparition (Athens | hardcore)


Curleys (Gainesville, Fla. | punk)


Golden Pelicans (Orlando, Fla. | punk)



Graveface Records, 8 p.m.

Tight Genes (Orlando, Fla. | garage/punk)


Skull Cult (Bloomington, Ind. | hardcore)




The Wormhole, 1 p.m.

Skippy Spiral (Savannah | industrial clown punk)


The Archaeas (Louisville, Ky. | garage/punk)


Personality Cult (Carrboro, North Carolina | pop punk)


Burning Itch (Knoxville, Tenn. | punk)


The Shitdels (Nashville, Tenn. | garage/punk)


NAG (Atlanta | punk)


Lifters (Durham, N.C. | garage/pop punk)


Rude Dude and The Creek Freaks (Savannah | psych rock)



Graveface Records, 7 p.m.

Hotplate (Savannah | instrumental math metal)


Oakskin (Columbia S.C. | heavy sludge)



Sulfur Studios, 8 p.m,

Feeding Tube (Savannah | hardcore)


Burning Stare (Orlando, Fla. | hardcore)


Blazar (Tallahassee, Fla.) [Author’s note: This band has no internet presence. They must be very punk.]

Slac (Tallahassee, Fla. | hardcore)


Gumming (Richmond, Va. | noise punk)


Poor Excuse (Asheville, N.C. | d-beat/hardcore)


Adderall (Asheville, N.C. | hardcore)


Antifaces (Miami | hardcore/Latino punk)