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“Who in the world didn’t like ‘Murphy Brown’? Oh, that's right, the Dan Quayle crowd; the Republicans who can't count to 100 and don't know their ABCs.”


“Please, please, city of Savannah: You're ruining Ardsley Park with those hideous traffic circles. There's a new and unsightly one at 54th and Betty. Please stop.”


“Where in Savannah can an individual take boxes of confidential material to be shredded? I'm not looking for free; I'm just wondering where to go and who would provide that service.”


“Please, Savannah, please fix the roads in Savannah before they tear up my car completely.”


“516 is the new Autobahn. Seriously, I'm going 70 miles per hour and people are passing me. Oh my heavens, be careful out there, people.”


“To the caller who said I wish there was a place I could go to escape all the liberals: There is Russia.”


“I just saw a sign going into Rincon about Billy Currington. Just curious; I didn't know he was from Rincon. I know Josh Reddick is from Effingham County because you see all he's done for Effingham County. Just curious about the sign.”