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“Democrats need to go after Duncan Hunter and get him ousted from Congress. Stand up for truth!”


“You haven't seen the new police chief yet because he still doesn't have his Georgia police accreditation, so he can't be a police chief.”


“I believe every tech company should be investigated for probable collusion and crimes committed for and in compliance with the regressive socialist party and its affiliates.”


“Guantanamo has a climate similar to Mar-a-Lago, a golf course nearby and plenty of vacancies. It would be the perfect new home for the upcoming crop of Trump-related felons.”


“I think I will become a Democrat politician or bureaucrat so if I do a crime, I will never have to do the time.”


“In light of the New York Times’ report, it's small wonder that our president won't release his tax returns.”


“The Catholic church needs to change its policy and let the priests get married or either go out of business.”


“What part of ‘no parking fire lane’ do all the cars parked in front of the credit union in Chatham Plaza not understand? It is a problem every day.”


“The only place in this country where you're guilty until proven innocent is in the media.”