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“If you haven't noticed, this country is no longer living what it was founded on: Truths, integrity, honor, just to name a few.”


“Viewing the top photo of the Braves dugout in Tuesday's [Oct. 9] Sports section, I conclude that baseball players are a bunch of slobs.”


“It's better to see people vandalizing a statue with googly eyes than seeing anyone getting arrested for breathing the wrong way."


“Instead of running a huge Powerball event, giving one ticket holder more money than they could ever need, how about everybody get together and agree to donate it to the victims of the hurricane in Florida, i.e. Red Cross, FEMA and the local towns destroyed in the event? Let’s do something great.”


“Michelle Obama says she’s sick of all the nastiness. The Obamas and their followers on the radical alt left are responsible, and have called us names and divided the U.S. for years.”


“I don't know how hypocritical it is for Donald Trump to call people con men when Mitt Romney said that Donald Trump was a fraud, a phony and a con man. I’ve got to believe Mitt Romney, because it takes one to know one.”