Country music star Ashley McBryde is headed to Savannah after touring the U.K. on her new “The Girl Going Nowhere" tour.

McBryde will headline Film Biz Recycling’s HallowGreen Fest on Oct. 20 at The Wesley.

"In addition to being a wonderful musician and songwriter, Ashley is a like-minded person who sees the benefit of keeping things out of the Dumpster," Film Biz Recycling president Samita Wolfe said.

"It means a lot to us for her to be here for this. She’s a Warner Music artist who’s been on all the late-night shows, including 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon. She’s received countless standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry, has been called the savior of country music, and is just coming back from her overseas tour. We’re so incredibly lucky to have her."


The nonprofit Film Biz Recycling began in Brooklyn.

"It was started as an answer to the amount of material that gets thrown away after a production like film, television show, etc., wraps," Wolfe said. "That much waste is pretty staggering."

Film Biz Recycling gathers recyclable donations such as props, costumes and other materials that would normally be thrown away due to time or money constraints. Film Biz Recycling collects the materials for sale, and in turn uses the money raised to donate back to other Chatham County nonprofit organizations.

Wolfe used Film Biz Recycling as a resource while working on films while in New York City, and learned more about the service from founder Eva Radke.

"I had considered opening a prop house in Savannah," she said, "and I wanted to pick Eva’s brain about how Film Biz Recycling worked. So, we went to lunch. I didn’t expect to be handed the keys to Film Biz Recycling, by the end of that lunch, but that’s basically what happened and I became president. And here we are, almost two years open and there’s no stopping us."

Film Biz Recycling’s HallowGreen Fest featuring McBryde's concert is a fundraiser focused on helping them expand their space. Wolfe said as more production companies find out about them, they get more inventory and have less space.

They are also collecting new children's costumes at the event.

"We hope folks will bring new children’s costumes so that we may distribute them to those who may not be able to afford one this year," Wolfe said. "In exchange for the costume, you’ll get two drink tickets and a special surprise."

In addition to McBryde's concert, local favorite DJ Jose Ray put together a set to entertain guests. They are also hosting a raffle and will be serving locally made Ghost Coast Distillery spirits and beer.

Wolfe said implementing green practices for Savannah filmmakers makes sense.

"It’s great that Film Biz is here while the film industry is growing in Savannah," she said.

"Being able to implement green practices in our Savannah filmmaking is not only incredibly important socially, it makes economic sense as well. Eventually, utilizing Film Biz Recycling to keep props and materials from the trash will be the norm, and not many other cities can say that. Let’s keep more of those Hollywood dollars in Savannah's circulation."