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“Do we really care what Taylor Swift thinks and which party she belongs to?”


“Mom and I tried to go to the picnic at Forsyth Park last night [Oct. 7], but couldn't find parking close enough to walk. A shuttle from a parking lot would've been nice.”


“If you are proud to be a citizen of the United States, don’t throw your trash along our highways. It makes us look like a third world country. “


“Savannah Morning News, your paper is enough of a puzzle, you can eliminate the crosswords.”


“Why can’t you put the Thomas Joseph crossword puzzle on the last page of the paper? See if you can do something about that.”


“I’d be willing to bet that the person(s) who defaced General Greene’s statue in Johnson Square have no idea who he was or what he accomplished.”


“I'm a consultant that specializes in the naming of new buildings and I have come up with the name for the cultural arts center in Savannah. I would propose that we name it the Cultural Arts Center. That would be $175,000, please.”