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“Fellow Republicans: We’ve got this!”


“I’d like to say with the new radar equipment coming into Chatham County, maybe it can help control streets in Garden City, as there is no traffic control at all in Garden City.”


“I just got my Monday [Oct. 15] paper and read it and it didn't take long. Out of 14 pages, there were seven full pages of ads and half-sheet ads. What a waste of paper and my time.”


“After viewing Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing on TV, I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be a Democrat.”


“If John Kerry wasn't such a loser and incompetent, he should be charged with treason. But because he's a nitwit, some compassion can be shown. Unless it costs taxpayers’ money or lives, then put him and his cronies on Gitmo to be tried by a military tribunal.”


“Obama failed at nothing. You are the jealous, envious ones. Get over it!”


“If I had a nickel for every time Sean Hannity says ‘FISA warrant,’ I’d be very rich indeed. Talk about beating a dead horse!”