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“The rules of law vs the rules of a mob define the difference between a republic and a democracy.”


“I really appreciate the newspaper today [Oct. 12]. Because of the storm I didn’t expect it, but there it was, because of my great carrier, at the end of my driveway about 7:15 in the morning. So thank you so much for the very good service. I live on Wilmington Island.”


“Can the city please clean the filthy wall between White Bluff and Hunter? It shows disrespect to the military people who work and live there.”


“November election simplified: Stand up for America, vote Republican. Take a knee, vote Democrat.”


“Congratulations to the Georgia DOT for the great job they did resurfacing the Diamond Causeway. Love it; thank you.”


“The Trump administration’s rejection of climate change, opposition to immigrants and other negative orientations suggest that not only would the president have blocked Christopher Columbus from approaching America, but in 1492, would have contended the Earth was flat!”


“The Kavanaugh hearings were a sad chapter in our history. In the end, democracy triumphed over McCarthyism, fairness over intimidation and process over anarchy.”


“Notice how the alt-right preaches morals and values except when they are supposed to have them!”


“The competition has started. With the trees down and the swamps created on I-95 and I-16, which one will breed the most mosquitoes? What a situation to look forward to, thanks to the Georgia government.”


“Sen. Perdue just wanted the Tech student’s phone for prison photos of himself and Brian Kemp.”


“The Democratic Party has been hijacked by socialists. There's nothing democratic about socialism.”


“I’m saddened to hear Nikki Haley is considering leaving her job representing the United States and the United Nations. I do hope she will come back as a candidate for president of the United States. I think she will be great.”