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“To everyone that voted for Trump: I hope you're proud of yourselves for turning the White House into the White Trash House.”


“Dianne Feinstein is an 85-year-old political hack. She is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and a disgrace to the country; she needs to go.”


“I served in Vietnam and I now suffer from PTSD, which stands for Personally Tired of Senate Democrats.”


“Those of us on the coast need a representative who will prioritize our coastal economy over gas and oil development. Buddy Carter refuses to do that.”


“Well since the county police are almost fully staffed now, maybe they can step outside their office every now and then and issue a speeding ticket to those people on Whitefield Avenue. What do you think?”


“Does anyone else have a problem with the closed caption on all three local channels on Comcast? Comcast, please correct for the hearing impaired.”


“As a new resident, I would love to read more about the people who are alive and well in Savannah than pages of teeny-tiny print of the dead ones.”