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“Voted early today, wore an American flag shirt and was asked if the shirt was political. What is happening to America?”


“Can anyone tell me how to become a ‘community activist’? I would love to harass, stalk, blindside, humiliate and scream at the people in the ‘public eye’ whom others deem to be deserving of such anger. No skills (except loud, obnoxious voices), no education (except the ability to recite inane chants) needed.”


“Wake up! The only reason Republicans say government is too large is because it regulates their illegal actions.”


“To the person that responded to my wish to get away from liberals and said that I should move to Russia: You have obviously never read ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ My wish is to move away from people like you that support communism and socialism. Maybe you should move to Venezuela.”


“Savannah Morning News, why in the world did you drop the top 20 college football teams that you used to run in the paper each week during football season? Just another reason to drop the print media and go to the app for ESPN.”


“To the person looking for a place to take confidential documents and have them shredded: I always take mine to Staples; they do charge by the pound.”