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“Do we really care what party Roseanne Barr is from or what she thinks? No, no, no.”


“Please tell me that Trumpy Bear is not selling. Please give me some hope for this country.”


“Canada has gone to pot.”


“I think you would be just as well off if you just completely took the listing of the property sales out of the paper. Anyone with 20/20 vision can't read that. It is critically illegible and too small for anyone.”


“Where can I buy a small lightweight cordless leaf blower?”


“During a recent visit to Dallas, Texas, it was so refreshing to not have to be subjected to the constant TV ads for attorneys. They have none.”


“Who is going to pay for maintenance on the new arena? Oh yeah, let’s just raise the taxes.”


“This is a Southside resident: I will guarantee I will never go to the new auditorium if they build it on the westside as stated in the paper. I hope they have enough sense not to build it there.”


“I'm calling to see if someone can tell me why a corn cob salad is called a corn cob salad. Is it because it has corn kernels in it? I have asked in restaurants and no one has an answer. I was just being curious.”