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“The gubernatorial debate, the most important thing on each side was who is cheating and the voter registration. We have become a political joke. Both parties, would someone please run for office that is worth a darn?”


“To embrace gun ownership and rights like it were a gift from heaven or something, parallels a period when cavemen would grab a club to pound the head of approaching strangers with. Shouldn't we have come out of the cave by now?”


“A long line of voters at the Eisenhower location Sunday [Oct. 28] at 12:30. This is great!”


“The Republican Party is the party of anarchy and hatred. Well done, Trump!”


“The only way the Democrats will see any positive changes in the upcoming election is if they vote Republican.”


“I love Mark Streeter’s cartoons about Trump. The more he puts them in the paper, the more likely I will vote all Republican. He is nothing but trouble.”