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“Jesus said, ‘As you do unto the least, so you do unto me.’ I say, politician, teach thyself.”


“I voted by absentee ballot. If Brian Kemp throws my ballot out, will I be notified?”


“Republicans and Christians: Look at Donald Trump’s values. Are they your values?”


“I will not vote for any SPLOST until the Georgia legislature changes the law to allow a percentage of SPLOST be allocated for maintenance and operations.”


“Savannah's weather events of the last three years should make it obvious that high density zoning and building a new civic center at a lower elevation, next to a canal, is not a good idea.”


“When is the DOT going to post signs about the ‘slow-poke’ law along the interstates and major traffic roads like the Truman Parkway?”


“I see in the headlines that the county is planning for climate change. That should make everyone in Chatham County feel more secure since they can't even come up with a plan to prevent street flooding during our usual spring showers.”


“I would like to commend and laud the officiating crew for the recent Georgia-Florida game for controlling the senseless taunting and trash talk that has tainted some of the games. College athletics should be the epitome of good sportsmanship and example for youth and the respective fan bases.”


“It's been almost two years since the Grand Ole Party has controlled all three branches of government and yet cannot siphon off enough taxpayer money to build the wall. What is wrong with them? Do they think Mexico is going to pay for it?”


“Is there some place in Savannah that we can get free mulch for the flower beds?”


“Remember to always vote no on any bills or legislation wanting more or new taxpayer dollars. Government needs less, not more, taxpayer money.”