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“President Trump tweeted at 3:14 a.m. Friday morning [Oct. 26] saying that the news media is blaming his hate-filled campaign vitriol for the rash of bombs sent to the same Democrats he targets. When does he sleep? Could the sniffing and the slurred speech during his campaign rhetoric be linked?”


“My vote this year was not so much for Democrats as it was a vote against Trumpism.”


“I used to be a diehard FOX fan. One day I turned on CNN and saw their Fact Check portion. I was absolutely floored. Try it, unless actual facts are of no interest to you.”


“To the person complaining about President Trump’s travel expense to political events: Did you also complain about Obama’s travel expense in 2016 to political events?”


“If crime went down 100 percent, the liberals would still say it was 50 times higher than it should be.”


“See that you are trying to soften up the angry Leonard Pitts with a new photo. Sorry, it doesn’t work.”

“The troops going south to stop invasion must be on the border proper. Not 40 miles behind or 100 feet, but literally on the border.”