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“I had the most wonderful dream last night that after the midterm elections, America unified and we came together. And I guess it was a comedy. Funny thing is, I woke up laughing but then suddenly, I was crying and wow; just all so sad, isn’t it?”


“Which party made America great again?”


“If voters had a real concern for their country they would all, Democrats and Republicans, vote for the Libertarian candidates. This would send a message to Washington that we are united, sick and tired of all their games.”


“Oprah said we should vote for Abrams to make history ... It makes more sense to make the right decision, not history, and voting for Abrams is not the right decision.”


“I consider myself an Independent voter and have become tired of watching ads that promote violent attack rhetoric from both sides of the warring parties, R-everse and D-rive. I now steer toward programs that bring a calming effect to me, like ‘Jerry Springer.’”


“My message for Vox Populi would be if one votes for individuals because they are white or a person of color, they’re perpetuating racism. Vote on the issues to decide what directions you want our state/country to go.”